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What will I do ?

AVENCORE consultants do not produce material for their managers to use in client meetings and formal presentations. At AVENCORE, consultants are on the frontlines and present the tangible results of their own work directly to client executives with their manager’s support. We want them to be in a position to get direct feedback from both internal and external sources, as well as experience interaction with clients first hand.

AVENCORE consultants also have the flexibility to commit to several projects at the same time, in different industries, involving a variety of challenges and issues, in an international environment. Consultants work in teams of two to six, traveling to the client site whenever required.

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We welcome graduates from top-level engineering schools, from all parts of the world, with early work experience gained through internships or full-time positions, fluent English and an entrepreneurial mindset. Our most recent candidates come from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, and University of Illinois, as well as Ecole Polytechnique, ISAE-SUPAERO, RWTH Aachen University, and TU Berlin in Europe.

If you feel this description fits you, you are welcome to get in touch. We use a three-step selection process. You and I will meet for your initial interview. Successful candidates then have a second interview with an experienced AVENCORE consultant, followed by a final round with AVENCORE’s partners. The recruitment cycle usually takes less than two months and we hire year-round.

Hélène Rihet, Recruitment manager at AVENCORE

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What we do

AVENCORE is a boutique consulting company that specializes in innovation and operational competitiveness for industrial players from mid-market companies to multinational corporations. We were created as a consultancy dedicated to cost reduction, and while our core focus has remained unchanged, we have grown into a company that leads all kinds of performance and cost optimization projects.

AVENCORE projects lead to concrete and measurable results in our clients’ bottom lines. We offer a fresh look into complex situations and challenge the existing consensus, always keeping in mind best industrial practices. We provide a methodological approach and close guidance to implement a solution designed together with our clients’ multidiciplinary teams and their external partners.

We lead projects throughout North America, Europe, and Asia from our offices in New York, Paris, Düsseldorf, and Shanghai.

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