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Client interview

World leading consulting firm dedicated to industrial competitiveness, AVENCORE focuses on design-to-cost, redesign-to-cost and overall industrial performance. 


Feedback from the general manager of an SME specialised in the design and production of electronic equipment.


 What are your results with AVENCORE ?

 We have reduced the costs of our existing product line by 15 to 20%. Our ongoing developments target a 30% cost reduction on our new upcoming range. It is a true accomplishment and a consulting mission that has paid back within three months !


 Why did you select AVENCORE ?

 To maintain our position in a highly competitive market environment, we needed to improve our profit margin on our current product range. We also needed to accelerate the development of a new range of competitive products, that respond to our customers’ fast changing requirements.

 I selected AVENCORE at the end of a tender process. Their consultants convinced me of the quality of their tools and methodologies, as well as the flexibility of their commissioning model, that is mainly determined by results.


What has been AVENCORE’s added value ?

AVENCORE’s consultants did a great job at inspiring and leading our operational teams, as well as challenging our different departments : marketing, R&D, production, purchasing and Q&A. Their methodologies and associated tools proved to be of great help to structure and carry out the project.


Extract from “Optimisation des achats, réduction des coûts”, Usine Nouvelle decembre 2015